Monday, 9 January, 2012

गाँधी जी के एक वंशज

पिछले दिनों अफ्रीका पर पेज तैयार करते हुए, साउथ अफ्रीका में गाँधी जी के एक वंशज से संपर्क हुआ. गाँधी जी के दूसरे बेटे मणिलाल गाँधी वहीँ साउथ अफ्रीका में रह गए थे, उनकी बेटी इला गाँधी की शादी वहीँ रामगोबिन परिवार में हुई. उनके बेटे किदार रामगोबिन से मेल के जरिये सवाल भेजे, मेल के जरिये ही जवाब आया और पत्रिका में काफी सम्पादित होकर प्रकाशित हुआ, पेश है उस बातचीत का मूल अंग्रेजी पाठ.

1st - what you feel about africa?
My grandparents settled in South Africa. My parents were born here and I
was born here. For me South Africa is my home and as such I love my
country. I am very hopeful about South Africa and Africa. While Africa is
a content which has only recently emerged from colonial oppression it is a
country with tremendous potential. It has sufficient land; the population
is not excessively high, it has fertile land and is rich in mineral wealth.
However it does face the threat of re colonisation through new means, among
which are the possibilities of sale of land to large overseas companies;
Sale of mineral wealth to these large companies; increasing dependency on
foreign capital and remaining technologically backward in a high tech
orientated world. Unless Africa does not seriously address these issues it
can find itself enslaved all over again.

2nd - Why the Africa is being considered as a hopeful continent?

I believe that the reason to place hopes in Africa is because the continent
remains unspoilt by development and pollution; it has the potential to
develop into a naturally beautiful continent offering shelter to many of
the over crowded countries of the word, it has the potential to be a
wealthy continent if it is able to keep its wealth within its borders.

3rd - What India and it's government should do for African countries?

I believe that Africa CAN LEARN A GREAT DEAL FROM India and other
countries. Perhaps some of the key points on which India can assist are:-
one, Skills transfer to enable each person in Africa to become self
sufficient through, production and manufacture of goods.
two. Transference of information on sustainable development.
three, Try to ensure that the raw materials remain in the country and that
the benefit of the wealth is distributed fairly among the people in a
bid to address the issues of poverty, hunger and homelessness.
four, Help to increase the technological skills and access to appropriate
instruments in Africa, without causing pollution and polarisation of
the population into those very wealthy and those who are absolutely
five, Instead of moving into large scale industrial development, look at
smaller scale industries with the potential of increased job
These are some thoughts on these three questions that I am able to provide
at this stage.

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